Monday, October 4, 2010

Company Background

The baju kurung was popularised in the 1800s by the Father of Modern Johor, Sultan Abu Bakar, who wanted a costume for the Malays that was both aesthetically pleasing, yet complied with the laws of Islam where modesty is a pre-requisite, covering all of the body except for the hands and the feet. Sultan Abu Bakar was also very much responsible in the process of refining the baju kurung, adding embroidery on the sleeves, hem and neckline, transforming it into an outfit that was completely suitable for formal functions. The costume was named after the area in which he lived, and although today Teluk Blangah is a part of Singapore, the baju kurung Teluk Belanga remains an integral part of Malay culture.

The term baju kurung can be translated loosely into “confined dress”. It is anything, but. The style in itself pays homage to simplicity: A loose shift with a rounded neckline held together with a single button or brooch. Both men and women can wear the outfit, with the difference being that men wear a shorter version of the shift over Achehnese-style trousers, with a kain samping or a short version of the sarong folded around the hips.

The women wear a knee-length baju kurung Teluk Belanga top, over a sarong pleated with folds on either the right or the left side. The baju kurung Teluk Belanga is worn in a range of materials, but light cottons remain the most popular. More luxurious fabrics like silks, songket (gold embroidered material), pure cottons, brocades and lace are reserved for special occasions.

Our company, Traditional (Is The New Pink) is the branch which originated from the main parent office in Puchong. We are specialised in the Malay women’s traditional costume, the baju kurung, offering the typical baju kurung, the modern baju kurung, the Pahang baju kurung, the Kedah baju kurung, the baju labuh, headscarves as accompaniments to the traditional costumes, kain pasang, raw textiles for tailoring and as well as the baju Melayu for the men.

Parit Raja of Batu Pahat is a suburban town which has begun to gain popularity over the years, thanks to the local institution, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia which has attracted a massive amount of people into the small town. This suburban has an on-standing demand for traditional costumes and to further interest the folks in the area, we are providing a one-stop centre for excellent quality goods in traditional costumes. To top our top notch clothing, we also offer professional advice in matching clothes to scarves for women, and how to don the baju Melayu for the men.


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